How to stream on Twitch from Nintendo Switch

How To Stream on Twitch From You Nintendo Switch


I know you love to share your strategies and tips while you are gaming.

On this case the New Nintendo Switch do not include on a native way the possibility to stream as a feature. But do not worry, we will tell you how you can stream your gaming sessions with your favorite console.

1 Buy an HD Capture Card

There are two types of capture card on the market – external and internal – and while both will work for this purpose, we’d recommend grabbing an external capture card for ease of use. Internal cards require you to open up your PC and attach it to a spare PCIe slot, while external cards require only a single USB to operate.

With that being said, we generally regard the Elgato HD60S ($159.95, Amazon) as being one of the best HD capture cards on the market at the moment, boasting Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC support, alongside impressive capture software.

It has a bigger brother capable of capturing 4K@60fps content (£359.95, Amazon), but considering the Nintendo Switch caps out at 1080p, it’s not worth the money.

And before you ask, yes, buying a capture card is necessary to stream your favourite Nintendo Switch games on Twitch. It’s not a cheap hobby, we’ll give you that!

2 Connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV and PC

Once you’ve got yourself a capture card, the next step is to connect your Switch to your TV via Docked Mode. It’s the only way that you can games at the moment, so wave goodbye to ideas of streaming on-the-go!

Grab an HDMI cable and plug it into the HDMI port on your Nintendo Switch dock and plug the other end into your capture card. Using a second HDMI cable, plug one into the HDMI-out port of the capture card and the other into your TV.

Finally, download and install the capture software on your PC or laptop and plug the USB in to complete the process.

3 Download and install livestreaming software

For most capture cards, livestreaming won’t be offered by default. Don’t panic though – you can download livestreaming software online that is compatible with capture cards. They range from the likes of the open-source OBS to more premium, user-friendly options like XSplit Gamecaster.

Once you’ve downloaded your livestreaming software, select your capture card input and get ready to start livestreaming.


As you can see, create your own streaming it’s very easy to do.

For example OBS it’s completely free option and you can find plenty tutorials about how to use it on YouTube

OBS allow you to broadcast directly into YouTube or Facebook Live 😉


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