Quick and Healthy Kong Stuffing Recipe | Dog Training Nation

Ever look inside your freezer and realize you’ve run out of food stuffed Kongs for your dog? Yup, it happens! Try this quick Kong stuffing recipe that takes seconds to make. Remember, dogs need mental stimulation every day.


In a perfect world, our freezers would be filled with an endless supply of frozen food stuffed toys for our dogs. But in the real world, life gets busy and we scramble to fill dog food toys as quick as possible before running out the door.

As a dog , I’ll admit that this happens to me too. While frozen food stuffed toys do last longer, stuffing a Kong last minute and tossing it to your dog is much better than nothing. If you’re looking for super quick Kong stuffing ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are my dogs’ favorite recipes for food stuffed toys. My clients’ dogs love these Kong stuffing ideas too!

For 7 more quick Kong recipes, check out: http://www.dogtrainingnation.com/dog-training-resources/8-super-quick-kong-stuffing-ideas/.


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