Should you upgrade your iPhone to the newest iOS? Depends who you are

Should you upgrade your iPhone to the newest iOS? Depends who you are
Image: lili sams/mashable

I’m never upgrading my iPhone again, and you may not want to either

At the last few months a rumor is gaining adepts it’s about if Apple is Slowing down older iPhones in order to force their users to buy a new model.

The Slow Down process comes with every new release of the IOS version. You know, there was a lot of releases lately, and I really bother to read and get notifications about it when I’m using my .

For that reason I want to share with you this article from Mashable:

In the past few months, Apple has released frequent updates to iOS 11. Should you ? For most people, it’s a personal preference, but there are some people who should definitely steer clear.

I’ve owned an iPhone 6 for the past two years. When Apple released iOS 11 in early September, I was still using iOS 9, and my phone was still running like new.

I held off on upgrading to iOS 11 for as long as I could, worried about rumors I’d heard that it would decrease my outdated phone’s performance. Eventually, however, I gave in to pressure from friends and colleagues, plugged my phone in, and upgraded.

My phone’s performance and battery life were immediately reduced to shells of their former selves. I now need to charge my phone about three times a day, it shuts down without warning, and it crashes when I have too many apps running.

So it goes without saying that it might be the best decision to upgrade to the newest version of iOS for everyone, security risks be damned. The first group who shouldn’t upgrade: Jailbreakers.

If that was not good enough Apple Admits to slowing iPhones to prevent obsolescence, but actually I do not like how my phone is working.

Even the space on the phone is almost critical and I delete tons of pictures and several Apps I do not use frequently, but still my iPhone indicates very low Data Space.

I think I will not upgrade on a very long time now, because I do not plan to spend so much more money just becase Apple want to sell more new iPhones.

Please comment below what do you think, do you plan to install the new IOS versions?







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