The 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds – 2

 5 – English Bulldog

Bulldogs are a great breed full of hilarious personality. While they do enjoy certain amounts of exercise, you’ll likely find these pups snoring on your couch when you’re relaxing at home. Bulldogs are very friendly with their families and strangers alike.


6 – Golden Retriever

Goldens are one of the most popular breeds for families of all ages, and it’s really no wonder why. They’re extremely social dogs and are a great choice for those looking for a dog that will be friendly with both family, friends, and even strangers.


7 – Labrador Retriever

Perhaps tied with being the most popular breed for families, Labs are right up there with Goldens in terms of their friendly demeanors. Labs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an active companion that’s eager to meet friends and strangers every day.



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