The 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds


The 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds


If you are looking for a very friendly breed of dog, those dogs you can bring to a coffee shop, your friends will love when they visit you then you breeds are friendly not only with humans but with other dogs too!

1 – Beagle

Beagles are a great breed for adults and children alike. Not only do they love hanging out with their owners, they love getting to know strangers as well. They’re a small breed that’s very active and will be sure to keep up with you wherever you go.

2 – Boston Terrier

Bostons are a lively breed that is sure to win your heart and the hearts of others. They’re quite the clowns of the dog world, and make excellent companions for those looking for a small but active breed.


3 – Boxer

For those who enjoy large dogs, Boxers are a great choice as far as friendly breeds go. Boxers might look intimidating, but they’re more likely to give out kisses than anything! They’re extremely and love just about everyone that’s willing to pet and play with them.


4 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These adorable pups are one of the least active breeds on this list, but are a great choice for the family with small children or someone that constantly has visitors of any age running in and out of the front door. Cavaliers are very friendly and affectionate and are sure to please everyone.

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